You may or may not have heard of SSD’s – Solid State Drives. They’ve been quietly revolutionizing the way some data is stored on electronic devices. They are different from traditional Hard

Drives in that, as the name implies, they store data “solidly”. That means these drives have no moving parts, no arms to break, no platters to demagnetize, no fragile innards the break at the slightest tap. They use drastically less power, create less heat, generally provide better read/write times and arguably last longer. There’s a tradeoff – they are much more expensive per gigabyte. They can be ideal for things like notebooks and some laptops, or a desktop if you like the idea of it. But where they or the technology that they are based on, flash memory, is particularly useful is in smartphones. And with the smartphone market going up by leaps and bounds, companies that make this type of memory are seeing their stocks go way up even in the tough economy.

While you may have bought a phone that already has it, your computer might benefit from an SSD. It’s a relatively simple task for an IT technician to swap you’re computer’s hard drive.



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